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Get to Know Me

Early on in my adolescents, I became very interested in disease research after being given a special opportunity by my high school science teacher.  He told me about a summer internship at the Centers for Disease Control, in which I applied and was accepted. I was fascinated by bacteria and viruses, how tiny they were, but yet could cause so much trouble in a person's life. At this point you are probably wondering what this has to do with my career as a mental health counselor? After working in disease research for many years and also becoming more involved in Christian Ministry, I started thinking about larger, more visible problems that can have lasting impact on people's lives too.  That's when I began considering going to school to become a Marriage and Family Therapist.  The little, microscopic problems were fascinating, but I was becoming more interested in the larger more visible problems we face in life.    

I enrolled at Bethel Seminary in San Diego and that began my journey to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

As a professing Christian I know that therapy is not easy. It takes work and determination to keep trying and not give in to doubt and despair. One goal that I have for all my clients is that they will feel accepted and know that grace and mercy abound. I use mostly a cognitive behavioral approach to explore thoughts (truth and lies), and the feelings and behaviors that surface as a result of the underlying beliefs we hold. 

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