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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Over the years I have learned that people receive the most help in counseling when their therapist gives attention to the whole person by exploring the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual side of their struggles.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I strive to counsel from a Biblical perspective; believing that God’s word is true & trustworthy. The Bible is not merely just an instruction book for us, it is nourishment to help us live each day well. I have worked with people of all faiths and backgrounds; many who profess spiritual faith and others who do not. Every person deserves the respect to come to their own beliefs and I know that if God wants to reveal Himself to someone He will do it in His own creative amazing way.

I enjoy getting to know people and learning what life has been like through their eyes. I do not view life struggles as defeats or places of shame, I see these difficult circumstances as times where God is showing us our deep need for Him and His deep love for us.

I love to help people understand the gospel and begin to experience God’s mercy which He freely gives us as we come to trust in Jesus Christ and all that He accomplished for us on the cross.

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